maandag 15 juni 2009

Bevestiging familie van tankbemanningen 10 oktober 2009


Dear all.

Tank Crew personalities families now confirmed attending the weekend ceremony.

The Grand children & family of Capt Clement Robertson VC.
1st VC to the Tank Corps. They will be bringing with them his actual VC to the Inauguration Ceremony and to his grave side Ceremony.

The Great Nephew of Pte Cyril Sheldon Allen DCM.
His DCM was awarded alongside Capt Clement Robertson's VC.
His DCM will also be alongside this famous VC during the weekend ceremonies.
2 very famous medals awarded to 2 very brave men together on their very own battlefield.

* If both families wish to make contact with each other before the Inauguration weekend, please see email list. What information you may have for each other and what a story you will both share!

The Grand children & family of Capt Richardson MC, CdG. Section Leader and crewman commanding F41 FRAY BENTOS on the day this tank became a Tank Corps legend. They are also bringing along his MC & CdG.

Family members of Lt Coghlan MC. Tank Commander D 29 DAMON II. This is the tank that was knocked out and then stood on the site of the proposed Tank Memorial for many years as a Monument.
His family and medal Group will also be in attendance.

The Tank Memorial Ypres Salient Inauguration weekend is shaping up to be very special indeed!

We are also preparing a unique display of photo's, documents, medals etc to be publically displayed at a venue next door to the Tank Memorial itself over the Inauguration Ceremony weekend. If anyone has anything they would like to be displayed, please contact us for arrangements.

I will also be updating the web site with more relatives and information requests.

Best wishes.

Chris Lock.
Coordinator. Tank Memorial Ypres Salient.

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